Our friends from the beautiful emerald isle that is Ireland have brought to the world some notable pop acts through the years haven’t they?. Before any assumptions are made, about personal favourites and whether my younger self was a stan for Boyzone or Westlife. I’m setting the record straight with an answer that may or may not catch you off-guard, by declaring my all-time favourite Irish band The Cranberries. Dolores O’Riordan’s songwriting was always impactful and so exciting to me. In recent months I have been introduced to a growing influx of emerging Irish music talent and been delighted to find a crop of newcomers embracing electronic vibes to varying degrees. Dublin four-piece Wild Youth are my latest discovery, and I’m very much getting into this bands indie-pop met with synth grooves.

With success snowballing in their homeland, the band is naturally keen to grow beyond their lush green territory. The pop sensibility is strong and super catchy on current release “Champagne Butterflies.” The track is a celebration song, written about the amazing, emotions and mix of fluttery feelings we experience when we fall in love. On the face of it, this feels like, typical subject matter for a boy band. But I, disagree Wild Youth is not a boy band per se. On “Champagne Feelings” they embrace their softer side while bringing a danceable groove to the fore.

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To quote one of, Irelands most famous music managers – Louis Walsh. The Wild Youth band set up… “look like pop stars, sound like pop stars… are pop stars!” I do believe we are overdue, a giant, new pop concern from Ireland. Could it be the turn of Wild Youth to reach for global success? Co-signs from Niall Horan and The Script is exciting, support to have nonetheless. The good thing about Irish pop groups, in particular, is their attention to the use of melody and harmony. These Dublin guys come through on both accounts. Wild Youth are doing, their best impression of a boy band on “Champagne Butterflies” even though they are not strictly a boy band. Does any of this debate even matter when the track is very addictive?

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