I was beginning to think our quota of pop by Swedification was on the slide. Maybe it’s just that the Scandic folks are pouring all their class acts into the Melodifestivalen to produce another a stonker of a Eurovision entry no doubt.

What isn’t so much under consideration when entering into the song for europe contest is the other aspect that the ice kings and queens do so well, this being shiveringly served electronica with a sting of alt-pop mindset in its idiosyncratic girth.

Luckily this is a strand of electronic pop formation that RABBII, fronted by one time Le Kid Vocalist Johanna Berglund and Stockholm producer Felix Perrson are into.

As a duo they first left spectral their mark on us last year with the empyrean, left-of-field impression Hang Us High”. A track sought of vision and melodically entrancing content.

As the euro-pop world awaits the benchmark entry announcement from the Swedes in this year’s Eurovision. There’s time enough for RABBII to steal a reveal of their own by popping out a glacially cut piece of alternatively affirmed, crystalline performance in the grandeur of sound and vision.

There is nothing so sweetly served here in residue of either Johanna’s or Felix’s past encounters in the realm of pop. Everything is changed up, in steeliness and resolve. Each together explore the complexities of the human condition and have set out to breakdown negative barriers and socially bourne concepts thereof, when stepping into the futuristic vastness of latest release “Chameleon”.

Sweden serves pop with heart on many levels, today we’re drinking it down served icy, cold and spectral.