Firstly I never grew up listening to the music of the Jonas Brothers, purely as I don’t think the brotherly trio’s energetic pop-rock grabbed air time so much here in the UK for one thing, that made me sit up and take notice. Mostly what I have since been made aware of from the bands online catalogue, well maybe my taste wouldn’t have been so into the whole American teen pop rock thing, in all honesty.

Hey wait up! Teens grow up – OK, they evolve and with it a whole new perspective and juncture can lead to the manifestation of something completely out of character, but sometimes it turns into just the place that really suits. I guess it’s about growth and getting all that angsty stuff out of the way.

Well I am certainly now looking at Nick Jonas in a new light at any rate, through his rather dramatically driven debut solo release “Chains”.

Oh yes, I think we can safely conclude that Nick Jonas is now all man and not a boy pop thing! “Chains” is dark but deliciously pop contoured also, with a sensual side and dare we say it of an ex-pop-rocker, erring on the urban side of the pop sphere.

Also this cinematically devised video clip is very engaging indeed.