Pop force Bebe Rexha has been enjoying the success that comes with the release of her sophomore album “Better Mistakes“. Yet, when the invitation came calling, she couldn’t resist hopping on the latest dance track, “Chain My Heart“, with DJ/producer Topic. The multi-platinum selling German/Croatian DJ and producer is still sweeping the music charts with the Swedish singer A7S on a remake of ATB’s9PM (Till I Come)“. Refashioned as “Your Love” (9PM)“. The collaborative release, “Chain My Heart“, is gaining ground to the tune of 10 million Spotify streams in less than a month. Topic brings hope to the DJ, production and nightclub communities, by being the living proof it is possible to score a dance-hit, even when the clubs are not open.

The provocative EDM banger couldn’t be in better hands than Bebe Rexha. She brings the edginess and powerhouse directive to “Chain My Heart“. Being, precisely what the emotive-EDM driven track cries out for. Let’s face facts, she’s a pretty fantastic choice when it comes to fronting the music video, as well.

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The directive of the Jason Lester directed clip. Paying tribute to the industrial-chic music videos of the late 80s and 90s. Definitely plays to Bebe’s strengths also. She has the sass, the hotness, the looks, and the moves to translate the steamy allure embedded in the track’s lyrics. When given this platform, the two-time GRAMMY-nominated singer-songwriter pulls out all the stops. Pitches in with the task at hand. Being the smouldering flame amid a backdrop of sparingly clad dancers, along with the obligatory cameo shots of Topic, thrown in, naturally. (Because if we got forgot for a hot minute. With being distracted with, so much, Bebe oozing out of it, it is his track after all).

As the clip progresses, I am noticing a curious echo reverbing around the thumping bassline. I just as quickly realise it’s just my heart going boom, boom, boom loudly since I haven’t seen a music video as uber-hot as this one in a while.

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