Recently Little Dragon dropped their 5th album “Season High” which true-to-form marches to the electronic pop beat of their own unique making. Infact, it’s rammed with genre bending panache. Like a pick’n’mix flavour explosion of samples, styles and sounds that culminate in making it one album that is able to keep the boredom threshold at bay.

I couldn’t help myself but to sprinkle some love on last single “Sweet”, just because it’s shivery disco meets trip-hop meets chip tune fusion was an ingenious but well executed collaboration of sounds.

To go with the music, the videos are rather off-the-wall. Like the visualizer for the 80’s era Janet Jackson sample heavy jam “Celebrate”.

The imagery does the talking and it’s saying we’ve over indulged in sugar. Had far more alcopops than are good for us and life’s a piñata party boys and girls.