When pop maverick Allie X released “CollXtion II” her stunning sophomore album in the summer of last year, I was hoping that the track “Casanova” might be on the receiving end of some supporting visual artistry from the forward-thinking brain of the Canadian music force. The track also proved to be a fan favourite and, as a way to add a pinch of extra spice to it, moody electro-pop singer-songwriter Vérité joined in as a collaborator on a new version of the track, which was released back in November.

Despite its damning theme where the singers call out their ex’s for their misdemeanours, I’ve always viewed the song as being a boppy dancefloor groover. With that in mind, I haven’t for one moment thought that with the possibility of a video in the offing, Allie X would transform herself into a sparkly disco queen. Interestingly, where their clothing is concerned the singers do embrace a palette of bold colours, in the choices of their power jackets, maybe taking a fashion tip from Dale Cooper doppelganger Dougie Jones, perhaps?

In the previous evocative video for “Paper Love,” we saw Allie X move away from her sunglass wearing trademark look and cast herself as a dress-up doll. In the video for “Casanova“, she also appears without her favoured symbolic accessory and, it feels quite a significant step to make because this is pretty much the first time we get to see her with the mask dropped. In the scenes where Vérité appears, the ladies seemingly reenact another of Allie X’s trademark visual effects, the spinning GIF. It actually, feels comforting to see it return in this video and I think its placement is a clever one, in the name of sisterly empowerment.

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