Swiss Lips 3

Since I am, shall we say a bit of a mega fan of chirpy indietronica pop band Swiss Lips, let’s have a little bit of fun courtesy of them, as I recently clocked the impending release of new single “Carolyn” and its accompanying animated video as it made it’s online debut and has subsequently bubbled around on the internet for the past few weeks.

Why then have I taken this amount of time to share it with you, I hear you exclaim! Ahhh explanation is that it has been tied up with a publicity campaign associated with Philips Citiscape Headphones and You Need To Hear This.

This cool interactive wonder of a video is fashioned as a video game whereby as you play, your every move interacts with the “Carolyn” soundtrack to produce sound effects, change of rhythm and such, remixing the track to your level of play.

I’m not the most savvy gamer by any stretch of the imagination but I’ve played this quite a bit over the past two weeks, remixing and encountered zombies and beach bums into the bargain – so believe me its as simple as, simple is to play along.

Of course the choice of track in “Carolyn” is of the familiar Swiss Lips signature sound of electro buzzing, fist pumping, bursts of energy. The exact same stuff I just can’t get enough of from this band.

Watch the video in its pre-made animated state below. To interact and put your own remix spin on the track visit

As always with Swiss Lips fun times guaranteed!