Kelli-Leigh is a pop force to be reckoned with who is smashing it out of the park right now. She absolutely wowed us with dance groover debut single “Do You Wanna Be Loved Like This?” The south Londoner follows up the success with sophomore effort “Can’t Dance” featuring co-production from Art Bastian (The Saturday’s and Tinchy Stryder.)

I really admire Kelli-Leigh in taking full command of her music career, as a fully fledged independent artist she is releasing this new music through her own Music Core record label. Being the captain of own ship, as it were, she also has a tremendous amount of input in all areas including, the music videos. I think she is really shining in this sector too, opting for glamorous locations to shoot the visuals. Cape Town, South Africa is the setting for the infectiously melodic “Can’t Dance.” It’s just lovely, a quality piece of music video art which shows Kelli pouring her heart out to the song’s emotively soulful narrative through the medium of dance.

The song acts as a careful reminder that we shouldn’t get lazy in our relationships, we have to work at them or run the risk of them, crumbling. Sometimes it is good to be prompted into recognising just how much someone means to us, that we’d be feeling more than a little empty without them in our lives. In this song, Kelli has realised she has found her soul-mate, her everything, and translates this stylishly, in the beautifully scripted and performed visual clip.

I can’t help but be captured by the thoughtful writing and ultimately the flawless execution of vocals, Kelli brings to the song. I would definitely consider it a crime if a gorgeous song like this doesn’t garner some serious attention for Kelli-Leigh, because it’s plain for all who care to see, after years of recording and performing she’s dealing out her aces now.

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