Keana 2

Sunshine pop princess Keana heats up her minxy side on her latest track to go pop, “Candy From Strangers”.

Oh my, my, duck your heads EQ’s as you’d be likely to be bopped on the nose by one of the many euphemisms that are practically flying out of every sentence of this slamming dance-pop sizzler. Yeah Keana is cute but her mindset is a little on the saucy side here.

But anyway from lollipops to eye candy, Keana has got a sugar rush going on in her accompanying video epic which apart from sugary treats, stars Glee heartthrob Samuel Larsen and Project X’s Kirby Bliss Blanton who are brought together to jolly this project along to the max.

I don’t think I have to further spell out just what goes on here, with such a hot cast in place it’d be difficult for any hot-blooded EQ not to be glued to this clip and not to mention get rocked side-ways by the infectious fizzy pop explosion of a tune into the bargain.