Has there ever been a track from a drag queen featured on EQ? Do we even do that? Well, now’s the time!

Sharon Needles, winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race season four, will probably be one of the greatest queens to EVER walk down the show’s runway. Let’s be honest, she’s the only one capable of filling in for the legendary RuPaul, with her quirky personality and drop-dead gorgeous looks.

After releasing a blood soaked video for “This Club is a Haunted House“, Needles is currently enjoying the promotion for the album’s second single, the campy “Call Me On the Ouija Board“. While the song is insanely cute and catchy, its accompanying music video, released just this morning, will probably scare the hell out of you!

Teasing us with an intriguing, red balloon-filled trailer before its official release, it was clear the music video for Needles‘ new single would be an embodiment of everything that has inspired her spooky career. Glad to know we were right.

Needles transports us through the television into her personal world, filled with images and scenes from iconic horror films. Let’s see, we have The Omen, The Poltergeist, The Exorcist, The Children of the Corn and, oh yeah, the worst nightmare from my childhood, Stephen King’s It where Needles just had to play the role of Pennywise the Clown. Cue the nightmares!

The video ties into the song really well, remaining a campy, fun experiment where Needles looks absolutely stunning, even as a monster, while lip-syncing for her life for her devoted fans. “Call Me On the Ouija Board” is a nice, not-so-serious pop track with a infectious chorus in which the artist simply recites the letters of the alphabet. “I’ll be your Carol Anne, I’ll be your pentagram, Let’s dabble in the black arts, This is not a game, Let me spell my name, Let’s keep this in the dark“, the queens sings.

Call Me On the Ouija Board” was the perfect next step for Needles. While most queens quickly use up their 15 minutes of fame once their season of RuPaul’s Drag Race is over, she has found a way to stay relevant for all the right reasons. The new music video, even with its noticeably low budget, is the perfect representation of Sharon Needles as a drag queen, but also as a serious recording artist. Shantay, you stay!