It is quite common for deluxe editions of an album to include extended mixes and perhaps a bonus track or two. In most cases, the best tracks from the writing sessions end up on the album. More often than not, these are of most interest to the artist’s most ardent fans. Not one to follow trends. When issuing the deluxe edition of her acclaimed debut album “Juno.” Trailblazer Remi Wolf doesn’t adhere to the formula. Two of the four new tracks on “Juno” (Deluxe) were written before the album was complete. The remaining two came about right after “Juno” came out.

Either way, I am none the wiser, to be honest. Namely, because the gen z pop artist has built a reputation for drawing inspiration from both different and contrasting genres. With no fixed music style in force. The flow of the album is not hampered in any way. This allows Remi to bolt on pretty much whatever she likes. And the mechanics of “Juno” continue to hold up.

Therefore slapping on a new poppier effort such as “Cake” doesn’t upset the symmetry of Wolf’s debut release. I have no doubt she will generate more interest because of the vast pop presence “Cake” has. Myself included. As of yet, I haven’t been fully invested in much of Remi’s work.

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Exploring an expansive soundscape on “Cake,” built around a driving drum and bass rhythm. I feel like I have finally arrived at the Remi Wolf party, which has been going on since last year.

The use of cake in the instance of the track refers to the old proverb ‘you can’t have your cake and eat it’. Remi uses it as “a reminder not to be greedy in love, to let things happen.” She told Sian Eleri as the track premiered as Hottest Record in the World on BBC Radio 1.

Keep the above in mind when watching the video. Somehow the trippy Haley Appell directed clip will make good sense.

A feature from Pink Pantheress topped with a taste of today’s musical trends on “Cake.” Looks as though Remi Wolf is cooking up the recipe for more success.

The Gwingle Gwongle Tour touches down in the UK next week. See Remi in London, Manchester and Ireland (details HERE).

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