Chvrches have always walked the realm of cool haven’t they? Yet when I learned that they’d teamed up with Hayley Williams of Paramore for a new spin on their “Every Open Eye” album track “Bury It” I couldn’t have been more impressed.

As most of us will be aware Hayley has stepped up on a fair few collaborations, Zedd, B.o.B, New Found Glory and when the opportunity arose she’s now linked up with Scots trio Chvrches.

Hayley’s inclusion on this, the most rousing of Chvrches tracks see’s Hayley slip into the vocal framework with some simple ease and not so distinguishable actually from Lauren Mayberry’s crisply turned out vocal might. It is quite interesting though, to see in-coming together how well Lauren and Hayley’s vocals do sit together though, because there is one sure thing they’re both pitted up against, it’s that we know it to be the driving force of Iain and Martin’s pulsating and synth-pop punching directive on this euphorically gravitated anthem. Which the girls cut above with ease.

If Hayley guesting on this wasn’t cool enough, the band have gone a stroke bigger in the cool stakes by seeing themselves turned into comic book like characters. Who like all good animated world saving warriors, find themselves gifted with the must-have accessory when entering into the comic book universe – super-sensory, other-worldly magical powers.

The giver of Chvrches & Hayley’s comic book life, comes at the font of the graphic art creativeness of Jamie McKelvie, the guy responsible for Chvrches posters designs over the past few years.

In what seems like a natural progression with his involvement with the band, McKelvie in association with Mighty Nice animation studios have gone one better than what is bought on a magazine shelf and really brought the band through the comic book frontiers for a whole new 3 dimensional, moving image makeover.