We have to keep a real watchful eye over All Hail The Silence you know, because at seconds notice BOOM they plant something new and utterly awesome on the internet. Like they did over Christmas in releasing their debut EP. Maybe this is becoming a bit of a game? And if it is indeed the case, count us in as happy to play along with them.

So in saying the above, the message All Hail The Silence are really driving through about their project, is to expect the unexpected. Which is much the case with the magical appearance of a video for “Broken Satellite”. Not least because this isn’t what would normally be considered as a standard single choice either, yet it is the most epic track on the EP coming in at a full 6 ½ minutes of pure cinematic indulgence. Seen first in the moody electronics of “Broken Satellite” and enlarged upon greatly in the surprise treat of these accompanying visuals.

Enveloped in a strong sense of mystery, All Hail The Silence are guided in the belief there are higher powers in the universe which are accountable for making things happen. Some might call it a faith of sorts. As we watch the story unfold, it certainly seems as though there’s fire in the stars this particular night, plotting a course to bring two souls in contact with one another.

All Hail The Silence maybe a bit of a pet project for Christian Burns and BT whereby they can undergo experimentation and take their music to a new level. Be this as it may, Know this, this EP commands serious attention, as does this suitably superb and gripping video.

I am pricked in chills by it all.