Little Boots
The futuristically and sonically lush new sound from Little Boots is a progression that might best be described as decadently explorative and conceptual, however primarily known as a club DJ it really shouldn’t come as no surprise that the synth pop creator within her has taken inspiration from the iconic disco eras of the Seventies and the evolving house sound of the Nineties on her sophomore album effort “Nocturnes”.  In combining the two Victoria has set herself apart from the core DJ-ing pack and the musician innovator within her takes centre stage.

Nocturnes” lead single “Broken Record” delivers a richly absorbing sound experience, presented with deep and opulently sumptuous layering that is purpose made as a mesmerising sonic jam to ultimately savour.

With the above in mind it wouldn’t be fitting for the video to go all out in competing with the wall of sound concept, and so a trippy, glittery roller disco presentation complements the overall concept well.

Nocturnes”  releases  May 6th  through Little Boots own label “On Repeat Records”