Wow. The producer/multi-instrumentalist Elderbrook really came through with the video for “Broken Mirror“. He has linked up with the LGBTQ+ working director and photographer Jordan Rossi for a bold statement piece. The powerful clip follows the day in the life of a queer performer. (And no stone has been left unturned).

We see. The multidisciplinary artist and creator Darkwah as they go about their daily routines. However, normal these activities and everyday situations may seem. Rossi’s direction and Darkwah’s performance in the visual make us acutely aware. There are red flags everywhere they go, and in everything they do.

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In addition to Elderbrook’s stunning electronic soundtrack. (As found on the musician’s “Innerlight” EP). Darkwah finesses the track with a new spoken word verse of commentary of their own. Sparing none of the authenticity of hard-hitting truths.

“I cannot tell you how exhausting it is being told, be yourself, we love you. We love everything about you… and then as soon as you are your whole self, you are told to go back into a box…” is just an excerpt of what is shared.

Tune in. The whole speech is enlightening. Very emotional, highly charged and poignant. But it needs to be this way.

“Having these occurrences shown at this level in conjunction with an artist like Elderbrook, I hope, will not only generate more conversation but result in change for the better as people check the ways in which they interact with performers, queer performers and queer people. I’m incredibly grateful to have been part of this project. I’m super excited for the change it will start to incite.” Darkwah shares.

Well said. Applause all around for this important statement piece. I do love a music video that is both knowledgeable and educates. “Broken Mirror” certainly does this. To my mind, it should have millions of views. Do your bit, humans. Give it a watch NOW…

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