Being introduced to Feder has made me aware that maybe I talk very little about French production artists and the success they are establishing for themselves. The Frenchman who is putting the art into EDM can hardly be considered a newcomer being that he already has an impressive amount of collaborations under his belt, including a team up with singer-songwriter Julian Perretta on the lively summer dance track “Private Dancer“. And, slaying the iTunes charts at the number one spot in 28 countries with his own, debut release “Goodbye“. As he pushes his global reach even further by issuing debut EP “Breathe” the title track has some really, amazing collaborators assisting the release namely, in association with renowned photographer Rankin and the French cosmetics brand Make Up For Ever.

Creative arts like music and fashion are not unfamiliar collaborators from this sector but, to work with Rankin one of Britain’s most successful exports to the fashion industry really, is to be considered something of a coup. Feder’s track “Breathe” is quite atmospherically spacey leaning, with a gently guiding pulse behind the otherworldly disco melody. As such, it adhere’s itself well to a fashion-forward catwalk show and campaign, even those with an accent on cosmetics.

As per, brand Make Up For Ever’s vibrant eyeshadow colour range, the supporting music video is dazzling, bold and with a strong emphasis on colour. When speaking about this collaboration Feder had this to say, “I always associate music with colours and emotions, which are at the core of my creative process. I’ve been very inspired by the infinite colour range of Artist Color Shadow. I love the concept of creating music inspired by the vibration of colours. I am thrilled to work with Make Up For Ever and to be part of the tribe.”

When all’s said and done and, above all, I am pretty much enjoying the lovely sonically spacey electronic textures of the song the most.

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