Charli XCX

All we Brits can do these days is watch-on as Charli XCX powers on with the imminent sophomore release of her “Sucker” album which first see’s a US and Canadian release in a couple weeks. Whilst we won’t be finding it in our Xmas stockings this year as we are left waiting to get our grabby hands on it for a while longer, till the end of January to be exact, as tiger kitty Charli really immerses herself in the full promotion of it stateside.

In continuation of her US release countdown the shouty dark pop princess deals a video to illuminate the albums latest stateside pre-order instant grat track “Breaking Up”.

It’s a spiky, spunky pop ode of vintage Shampoo band bubblegum pop proportions, which deals with Charli XCX taking no shade from her video boyfriend by giving him the brush off for not being attentive and having a wandering eye. Too right too gurlfriend! The rule breaking prom queen gets the cheating boyfriend out of her hair and life for good by having an F-you night out down the bowling alley with her girlfriends.

Whilst the album may not be available to us Brits yet, tickets for Charli’s March / April 2015 UK headline tour are! WHOOP!