Hold it right there! Before a chorus breaks out of ‘this is NOT a new Sergey Lazarev’ song!

We are aware of this!

It’s not some lame excuse by us to adorn our music publication with a poster-sized edition of Sergey eye candy either. Although in truth, that wouldn’t take much of an effort to justify an actual undertaking on our part.

The visual release of Sergey’s 2014 tune “Breaking Away” comes as a reminder that Russia’s most prominent pop star has a greatest hits album “The Best” circulating out there for your audio consumption.

So it’s very much in the vein of hit whilst the iron is still glowing in international acclaim post Eurovision fall-out that “Breaking Away” marks its visual debut.

Cue Sergey the ladykiller into action! As he’s only gotten himself an actual Bond girl in Skyfall actress Tonia Sotiropoulou to play his romantic interest. Seems Sergey has man-of-action ambitions of his own to fullfil. Rather like Bond himself, smooching with the ladies and powering through the waves on a speed boat are where the would-be adventure seeker gets his kicks.

How can we not be anything but drawn into this picture, when the last few lingering seconds leave an imprint of a shirtless and buff Sergey etched in our minds!