I remain still a little loved up with the Ariana Grande and Zedd collaboration “Break Free”, it really has turned around my perspective on the former Broadway and Nickelodeon actress turned pop singer.

Whilst her tender age may still determine Ariana as a minor, there is everything major going on with this instantly available pre-order track that is currently heading up the promotion of the sophomore album “My Everything”, and this goes for the big budget visuals that go along with it.

OK so Ariana may not be saucing up the galaxy in a KyliePut Yourself In My Place” kinda way (although, there are brief suggestions of it), nonetheless we are quite appeased by the Sci-fi blockbuster presentation that it is given as who doesn’t hold a soft spot for sharp shooting, gun tooting aliens, transformer baddies slain by rocket missiles launched from a lady chest and ultimately witness dark lords of the universe receive their comeuppance by a cute space girl cadet.

Besides Zedd looks right at home making the beats behind the controls of an intergalactic sound desk

Oh yes “Break Free” is larging it in sound and now vision also.