Hey Violet

It’s always interesting when a young emerging act look to the electronic realm to propel their sound further to the masses.

As a young band starting out, it’s quite understandable that as school kids they will have learned the ropes by taking up the guitar because that’s where most music students begin their craft. Yet more and more we are seeing an electronically digital sound take-hold on today’s rising stars.

When LA band Hey Violet first started out they were fired of hard-hitting pop rock angst, which quite frankly made all that Avril Lavigne once cared to drop as pop/rock, amount to a punk-pop princess having a hissy fit.

So early into their career though, Hey Violet have undergone an epiphany. They’ve been introduced to synths and with the results now in on the new single, aptly named ‘Brand New Moves’. The Hollyweird outfit are consequently piquing our interest with their freshly revitalised, darkly leaning, alt-pop styling on board.

It’s the whole package complete of punky-pop and art animated video which has us turned a little Hey Violet obsessive today, not that they’re the new signing on 5SOS’s record label.