Five years ago, Mikolas Josef represented his native Czechoslovakia at Eurovision in Lisbon, Portugal, with his song “Lie to Me“. One of the most memorable aspects of this song is the jazzy sax solo woven within its melody, which gives it a distinctive sound. Similarly, Mikolas was considered quirky and offbeat back then, not least because in the “Lie to Me” music video, he rode a camel while dressed like a nerd. However, he struck a chord with the Eurovision audience that year. Europe took the former street musician to their hearts, and Mikolas eventually finished sixth overall in the competition.

Post-Eurovision, Mikolas did not drop off the radar entirely. He has brought out a few songs since. Three years after its release in 2020, the latest single, “Lalalalalalalalalalala,” is still in the top 50 of Japanese viral charts, peaking at #13 this February.

Recently, Mikolas teased a return to the spotlight, announcing the track “Boys Don’t Cry.” With this song, he’s back with aplomb serving up his best dose of poptasticity ever. The sound is fresh, his energy infectious. At least, this is the impression he gives in the first instance when using an unapologetically upbeat melody over a heavy pulsating bassline.

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However, the song lyrics reveal a different story. Since the narrative is where Mikolas opens up and is his most vulnerable. Amidst, the immediate buzz of bouncy beats and infectious fizzing pop, he opens a conversation about masculine stereotyping.

“So if you’re gonna say I’m bulletproof, then come and break my heart. You think I’m cold, but I might fall apart. You always said that boys don’t cry, so I’m not crying. Learned to hide the tears inside me. Come and break my heart.” He sings.

Even in the music video, his intent is clear. As a result of his energetic dance routine, Mikolas gives the impression that he is invincible and unflinching. However, the scenes where he dances in a heavy down-pour of rain change the song’s mood entirely. Directing us toward the heartfelt, confessional message at the core of “Boys Don’t Cry“.

Having a sound worthy of setting the music charts on fire coupled with lyrical honesty, Mikolas Josef promises to be an exciting pop act to watch.

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