Daniel Sobrino 3

Julia Jack photography

Tell me that this isn’t one of the most candidly poignant displays of an empowering message, delivered of personal experience that’s encountered judgemental adversity for no other reason than simply being yourself.

However, it’s one that I nearly didn’t get the chance to share with you, having really wanted too as YouTube unjustly put a block on this video a week or so ago. Shame on you YouTube, but whatever flagged this up as a violation of the sites content has now been revoked and the video is rightfully reinstalled.

Highlighted EQ emerging artist Daniel Sobrino shares essence of his life experiences through thought provoking song “Box”.

Tackling pre-conceived assumptions head-on, Daniel brings awareness in a truly potent package of profoundly sincere lyrics, enlightenly conveyed further through video and the captivatingly graceful piano and vocal tones of the piece.

No matter who you are, it’s nigh on impossible not to feel a tugging at the heartstrings with this impassioned performance. Not just within the LGBT community, it’s message outreach of empowering inspiration and connects with anyone that has been in the position of experiencing injustice, such as bullying, gender related or discrimination through aspects of chosen lifestyle even. All of us can take away a moment or two of inspirational influence from “Box”.

Daniel wants his message out there for all of those in need of a boost of strength, so gives option to exchange a dollar for the track on itunes, or as Free Download for exchange of email.