At just 18 years old, hotly tipped newcomer Vinesto is putting out some slick pop tracks. When listening to “Both Ways,” his latest offering, I was blown away by his smooth and velvety voice. As strikingly, it bears comparison with the vocal style of Troye Sivan. Vinesto initially had me a little sceptical. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to listen to another artist who happens to sound like Troye. I have carried on listening and stuck with Vinesto, because his music shows maturity beyond his years. Strangely I get the feeling if I don’t jump on board now. I could well miss out on being among the first to talk about a future pop idol.

Described by the artist as an autobiographical open letter. “Both Ways” relates to the confusion many of us experience as we shift from childhood to adulthood.

Vinesto shares more about the theme…

“I hope I can show people that life is not simply black and white, it is OK to be caught in-between, it is OK to be confused and unsure. I want to encourage people to listen to their hearts and be true to themselves. You don’t have to have it all figured out.”

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In diving into the track. I recognize it as a confident effort. There is a groove to it and immaculate styling as well. I haven’t heard anything as dreamy as “Both Ways” in a while. Now that I’ve spent some time with the song, I am learning to appreciate more of its subtleties and details.

My inner voice, (which is usually a good indicator and rarely wrong) tells me Vinesto has something very special about him that I cannot quite describe. What I sense with the latest release is that he could very well be the new hope for music. Meaning. Hopefully, we’ll follow up with him soon.

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