I took my eye off the ball and didn’t realise Bossy Love have recently gone and released their Debut EP. Happy to report I’m not so late to the party that I have totally missed out on an opportunity to get on board with the release, though. Amandah (ex-Operator Please) and John (ex-Danananakroyd) have been rather savvy getting their Bossy Love band project in a good place before striking out with their debut extended release. As luck would have it, the pairing has just landed a video for the EP’s opening track “Up All Over Me.”

It is true, I have dipped in and out on their journey. Of which, there have certainly, been some highlights. Taking to the stage at Glastonbury in 2016 is undoubtedly the duo’s biggest achievement to date. I do think their inventive R’n’B electronic style of music has come on leaps and bounds in recent months. In my opinion, the four-track “Whiplash” EP is the best evidence of this.

“The “Whiplash” EP is about having the courage to change your circumstances and pursue what you want in life; breaking free from the every day and chasing your dreams. I wrote it when I was in London working in an office job and I’d just decided to move to Glasgow to fully purse the Bossy Love project with John. We’d send each other ideas back and forth while I was at work and I top-lined the majority of the EP at my desk while pretending to order stationery, even sneaking away to record the melodies on my phone. This was the beginning of our adventure together; waltzing into the unknown with a confident uncertainty, but knowing everything was going to be OK because I was doing it with my best pal.” Amandah, BOSSY LOVE

Up All Over Me” is a particularly strong track. I love how Amandah really takes full control and is so assertive in her vocal delivery. She certainly wants to get her voice heard. It’s fantastic and incredibly, empowering. I guess she just had to let go of some emotional baggage. This is the message I am receiving when watching the video clip. There is a powerful use of metaphors being used. When we see Amandah trudging through the Cairngorms (a mountain range in Scotland) pulling John on a sledge up a steep incline. Suggesting, she is more than carrying her fair share of the weight. Then boom, the chorus happens. Melodically, providing some almost euphoric relief. This is a song where the band completely live up to their name of Bossy Love. They ARE bossing it alright.

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