It’s official. Joe Jonas has thrown that purity ring he wore for a number of years into the fire of Mount Doom. Make sure you’re not at work while watching this one. If MTV still played music videos, DNCE’s latest ‘Body Moves’ would go the way of Madonna’s ‘Erotica’ and be effectively banned by television censors.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

This may be the naughtiest video to grace the pages of EQ in a LONG time. ‘Body Moves’ is an erotic exposé into Joe Jonas’ deepest fantasy. Though, it is perfectly fitting with the theme at the surface of the track. When a party leaves everyone a little frisky, there will be a connection with someone that may ultimately end up in the bedroom. Filters giving the illusion that someone was shooting the party and sexual encounter with a personal camera make the video become voyeuristic. That elevates the “naughty” factor just a little more.  Though, the video isn’t 100% sex driven. It has a nice vibe that allows the emotion become relaxed. Which a party is all about just letting all your problems and stress go, right? DNCE wants your to let your body do the talking. If that means dancing, then it means dancing, if that means sex… then just do it safely.

Overall, the video proves one major point to the viewer.

When DNCE is leading the charge in your ear holes; you won’t be able to control how your ‘Body Moves.’