Perhaps you have noticed every so often, I check in with the Chicago based production duo Louis The Child. My reason for doing this is quite simple, band members Robby and Freddy always seem to have a new track to share or a new project to talk about. When I last peeked in at them in 2020, they were gearing up to release their debut album “Here For Now“. A few days ago, the duo again came to my attention. This time they have something special to announce. They are playing Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival in April. This is excellent news if you plan to visit Colorado this spring. Unsurprisingly the duo has also dropped off a new track, “Blow the Roof“. With a name like that, I am expecting it to bang!

When checking Louis the Child discography online, what hits out immediately, is how much the duo loves to collaborate. For “Blow the Roof,” they link with Swedish producer Kasbo and Brooklyn-based musician and vocalist EVAN GIIA. I find this track quite interesting because, when these artists joined up on this release, they cranked out a tune with striking similarities to the electro-pop and production prowess of The Chainsmokers.

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Blow the roof off is a well-known saying that I feel sure we have each at one time or another either heard used by someone or used ourselves. It means to hit your peak potential or make a lot of noise.

For the purpose of the track, Louis the Child explains their thoughts behind using the phrase.

Saying… “The song is about believing in yourself and following your dreams. We hope it soundtracks moments that make you feel alive, and helps you achieve anything you want to do.”

Sammy McEntire directs the music video for the track. The clip is a colourful and surreal interpretation of the phrase “Blow The Roof,” which evolves into a house party where everyone seems to have let their worries disappear.

Blow the Roof” by Louis the Child with Kasbo and EVAN GIIA has lit up my ears. I guess it means I’m craving festival tracks earlier than I would normally. What could be better than blasting out a song packed with summer vibes? As I am sitting here gazing out of the window while watching the trees at the end of my garden swaying around violently in the ferocious windy weather. There isn’t anything better, is the answer.

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