It seems Troye Sivan has really, gone to town with the visuals for “Bloom” the current single and title track of his upcoming sophomore album. A month ago, the lovely one unleashed an animated CGI designed lyric video by Jason Ebeyer. This first film clip created a fairytale-like aesthetic where we saw CGI Troye floating weightlessly, in among the tropical flowers of a fantasy garden. The visual prequel no doubt came with a big budget price tag nonetheless no expense, has been spared since the official music video is grandiose opulent, and a colourful feast for the eyes.

A bigger contrast, couldn’t be made between the visuals which came with debut release “Blue Neighbourhood” and this follow-up with “Bloom.” The clip directed by Bardia Zeinali, a frequent contributor to Vogue, captures Troye in a way which is glamorous and fashion forward. The singer sports many different looks, where one minute the Aussie singer seen dressed in red leather and the next, bold florals. Like Madonna before him, the singer strikes a pose like there’s nothing to it, even so much as echoing one of the Queen of pop’s scene-stealing, iconic looks from her legendary “Vogue” music video. The sleek, dark statuesque silhouette image completed with a slicked back hairstyle. Hard to choose perfection between Madonna or Troye, if I’m honest.

This music video is as visually striking as anything you’ll see at Paris fashion week or the Chelsea flower show. Although the lyrics of the song are on the openly revealing side and sexy, the vibe of the melody is feel good and euphoric. Let’s just say, the joy this track and video bring to the world, are tangible. What is said about, what words can’t convey, flowers can do the job is cleverly used as a play on this theme by Troye and director Bardia Zeinali in this floral bouquet of a video clip. Encourage the sun to come out the way in which the age-old proverb suggests, say it with flowers.

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