When Troye Sivan dropped his boptastic single “My My My” a short while ago, it’s impact was such that a few months later, the combined global streams of the track now exceed a whopping 130 million. It did occur to me that this could well be a tough act to follow so when the sophomore single “The Good Side” of this new campaign arrived, and it was quite the flip reverse of “My My My” in its gentle acoustic style. I was more curious to see where single three would find it’s footing, especially in the sense of where the upcoming album may be taking us. Troye’s debut “Blue Neighbourhood” had a concept running through it both lyrically and musically, but with the tasters, we’ve been fed, of the new album it does feel as though the singer is ready, to experiment and explore his creative artistry to a greater extent.

Along comes, third single “Bloom” which takes us back to a familiar place, where the style of it feels as though it would have worked equally as well on the first album. The artistic growth definitely, reveals itself best in the lyrics of the song, where the singer eloquently, almost poetically describes his sexy thoughts, feelings and emotions. And we were all lead to believe it was going to be about flowers, hey?

The video is a feat of visual CGI design, animated by Jason Ebeyer. It is a glossy production which has a fairytale quality about it and features a virtual reality Troye in a glass house, floating above the flora, and fauna. The whole concept of the visual piece is a clever, juxtaposition between transitioning to adulthood and losing innocence. While it’s not quite the bop that “My My My” was “Bloom” is still pop music that sticks with you but for its well-crafted lyrical content uppermost.

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