Kid Kasio

We can always be assured of a frothy synth pop fix from Kid Kasio and new single “Blood Red Sky” doesn’t differ in this respect, what is shiny new about this particular nu-retro choon though is that it is made in assistance by an instrumental from all rounder electronic pop personage Ricardo Autobahn.

You’re going to have to stay with this one a bit, through the western style movie credits of the video until the keys kick in, as when they finally do begin to pipe up they bring a reward firmly having their roots tuned into Pet Shop Boys 80’s mode of “It’s A Sin” allotted to the chorus.

We don’t quite know how it is that Kid Kasio finds himself a fugitive on the run or why his love interest has taken her piano out into a cornfield. What we do know that unfolds is Kid Kasio’s Forest Gump spirit, in which he is seen to run Kid run half-way across the world to re-unite with his partner.

As a taster to the sophomore album, “Blood Red Sky” is appearing indicative of more throwback indebted, synth–pop jettisoned ditties to come.

Sounds like we might have to get our ra-ra skirt and parachute pants out of the closet for when it arrives!