Don’t say I didn’t warn you. A nuclear explosion of dance followed by a mushroom cloud of avant guarde styling has landed. Of course it had to come from our latest pop-fueled obsession, Rilan. The video for ‘Blindfolds’ ft. Naz Tokio is already creating a buzz across the world wide web. Prepare yourself for a seismic vibration to enter your soul as you watch…

From the past couple of videos that Rilan has released, this one in particular is the most visually stunning. ‘Blindfolds’ takes you through the makings of a true showman on the rise. With Asian inspiration including Kabuki and Samurai/Kendo blended with a very fetish-like element, the video highlights Rilan’s unique style. Yet, with it’s beautiful visuals ‘Blindfolds’ is a very clean production.

There isn’t really many fancy transitions or high tech for that matter. It keeps the main focus on the stars. For example, we may have mentioned in the past that Rilan is very choreographically skilled as well. ‘Blindfolds’ is the first time we get to witness it during one of his own music videos.  With the inspiration of Asian cultures as the heavy driving force. Each little move has a very martial arts element to it forming into his own tai chi. Overall, it ties in as beautifully as the cherry blossoms falling across the screen.

If ‘Blindfolds’ is a little taste of everything to come, then count us in. With his museum art piece of a music video, it’s only a matter of time until all of us feel the earthquake known as Rilan.