Although, I have to say my dalliances with ASTR have been sporadic, I have also been tentatively gunning for the NYC noise making duo to go large in the audio visual sense.

It is true to say though, Zoe Silverman and Adam Pallin known as ASTR cannot be discounted for packing in the vibes, which literally ooze with the juiciest of EDM / electronic pop flavour.

Jumping in and out of an atmospheric R’n’B served influence the onus is all pointed towards the electronic on current single “Bleeding Love”, which certainly is positioned as no remake of Leona Lewis’s hit single of the same name.

Coming off of the duo’s sophomore EP “Homecoming”, “Bleeding Love” goes forward with something of a haunting veneer seeping through its tightly fizzing electronic pop fabric. A moment of dark release, if you will, which breaks up the cycle of the EP’s largely sonically charged offerings.

Since ASTR are now bound for a showcase at this year’s SXSW, they’ve also pulled up to the grade by facilitating a video in essence which adheres to a futuristic theme throughout. Depicting ASTR’s vision of new age embracement with a strong symbolic connection pertaining to the dark side of relationship’s thereof.

There was us first thinking how similarly Zoe struck us standing there looking all Ana Matronic until it became evident that she and Adam were not having a kiki, far from it. With a sense of drama and theatre. ASTR punch weight driven by a slightly sinister edge that is all the more delicious by its choice of glitchy visuals. Detailed of a battle of wills at large, both staking their claim of defiance in the complex issues that arise from being involved with matters of the heart.

More importantly ASTR have come through with all the provocatively seductive disposition that we knew they could be, so hot at.