Last night we witnessed a bit of pop magic happen live at EQ's Sunday School.

Watch this YouTube footage of EQ faves Blaze Blackheart and Kelli Leigh performing Blaze's track "Euphoria" which is just a major HIT waiting to happen.  It's so fresh, feel good and utterly poptastic.  When Kelli hits that high note at 2:50, I swear EVERYONE in the room had goosebumps!

Thanks to everyone too who came down and for Blaze Blackheart, Kelli Leigh and Shh for providing the soundtrack to another fun EQ Sunday School session.  There is also some footage of Kelli performing a cover of Robyn's "Indestructable" as well – girl can sing! 

It's no wonder why Adele chose Kelli Leigh specifically as a backing singer for her upcoming tour.