Cherryade is an edgy pop duo from London who has been on my radar for a while. I backed away from writing about them because I felt in their bid to make an impression, what they were coming out with was over-the-top and would be of better benefit if the duo’s feisty approach to pop was refined a touch and brought down a notch.

I’ve stuck with listening to Cherryade because they have been working with Lewis Gardiner (formerly of Prides) and Dimitri Tikovoi (Charli XCX, MNEK), both producers whose work I particularly admire. And I felt the duo would come good eventually because the reservations I had about them all came down to issues with fine-tuning their level of sassiness.

Cherryade’s lyrics come straight to the point there is no messing with sugar-coated whimsy with these two. The duo’s acidic lyrics shoot from the hip and bring to light present-day social issues with verve and vitality. I think current release “Blah Blah“, is where Ella and Alex of the duo have got the balance of edgy and pop attitude in good proportions. I just love the way they are deflating the ego of a hipster trendsetter with the raspy wordplay on “Blah Blah“. The supporting video is pretty blinging alright too.

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