sirpaul black leather
Viewers discretion is advised. It’s not everyday you see those words attached to a male music video. Off his recent seventh studio album, Seventh Star, provocative New York independent artist SIRPAUL unleashes the accompanying video in support of the effort’s new single “Black Leather“, a raunchy, House of XY-directed visual which explores the essence of male sexuality and nudity.

Inspired by the 1980s film, Cruising, starring Al Pacino, SIRPAUL ventures into the world of BDSM, leather and role play as he toys with not one, but two, attractive male partners in the steamy and erotic four-minute clip shot on location in Amsterdam. Not only do the two playmates show off their assets in revealing ways not fit for a YouTube upload, the “Glow” singer proudly gives a close up look at his hunky, fit body. Cold shower anyone?

Feel my body getting hot cuz I’m good to go, use me up till I’m the perfect shade of indigo,” SIRPAUL shockingly sings as he begins to blindfold and dominate his subject. It is all a playful fantasy being lived out. Proving that “sexuality is what you make it. There are no rules.”

Black Leather” is a thumping, underground club scene-inspired piece that details one’s dark sexual fantasies. While the lyrics certainly show that the artist is not afraid to express himself, his vocal performance does have a vulnerable, innocent ring to it. He could be a first-timer, experiencing a sense of unique pleasure he now appears to enjoy. It’s gritty, it’s raunchy, it’s truly delicious. The video just thankfully adds another layer to the sexually-charged experience.