At first seemed as though Norwegian group KEiiNO were put together just for the sake of Eurovision. The Scandinavian pop trio who represented Norway with their super catchy entry “Spirit In The Sky” last year in Tel Aviv. Has continued capitalising on their success gained through winning the televote (finally, finishing sixth place in the contest following the jury vote.) Much beloved by the public, they instantly became the Eurovision darlings of 2019. Alexandra, Tom and Fred clearly have something which works very well for them, and lots of people are really into. So they have been keeping on releasing even more of their electrifying pop tracks. As Eurovision 2020, fast approaches, last years crowd-pleasers, drop “Black Leather.” A stomping electro-pop song, which makes standing still, quite impossible.

Europe may have taken KEiiNO into their hearts, and the band have certainly been giving back with new tracks and touring performances. Music videos haven’t featured quite so much in the bigger picture, they have however pulled out all the stops for “Black Leather.” I feel sure that when your eyes meet with KEiiNO’s latest video baby, you will appreciate what they’ve come up with, as much as I do. The Philip Jestädt directed clip was worth the wait. For the record, Tom, Alexandra and Fred really, do look like snacks.

Black Leather” is a pop tribute to the Berlin club scene. Written on the night of a men-only party at Berghain; the song portrays a future where gender identification and expression are no longer a barrier to fulfil one’s heart’s desires. “Black Leather” is the first pop-banger that includes traditional singing from two indigenous cultures; Sami Joik and Inuk throat singing. The latter being performed by award-winning Canadian throat singer, Charlotte Qamaniq.” – KEiiNO

For some very, interesting, insight into, indigenous culture, and the diversity of sounds the human voice can make. Find out more about Charlotte Qamaniq’s incredible throat singing on “Black Leather” below.

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