I must admit to being a little bowled over in awe of Paloma when I caught her live last Summer, lady sure does have the know-how of how to win over an audience and have them eating out of the palm of her hand, and I wasn’t a fan or had particularly much knowledge of her music before that night either.

I can recall that latest single “Black & Blue” to be lifted from her platinum scoring album “Fall To Grace”, is a powerful dose of emotional outpouring when played out live, that melts hearts and floats angels circling into the air when its affect takes hold. It has the power to shoot you down weak at its sheer empowering glorified beauty.

It is kinda cool that glamour girl Paloma suits and boots into a bit of ordinary girl mode role-play in the Si Allen directed video and I’ll forgive Paloma too for stealing my look in the scenes where she’s sat at her computer. Too truth sometimes, I think I’ll take a leaf out of her stylebook then as we’re swapping fashion tips and go get me a slinky Hepburn headscarf pronto.