I never did get around to writing about FLETCHER’s “THE S(EX) TAPES” EP release of a few weeks ago. The LA-based pop artist struck out with the unabashedly honest collection of songs in the wake of going through a break-up and quarantining with her ex. Yikes, a scenario quite unimaginable other than being attributable in 2020. Ouch, she hasn’t held back. She really went there with these tracks, no papering over the cracks. Having said all of that, the release is one of quality pop, topped by powerful vocals and excellent songwriting.

Originally, released as a single in May. The Kito produced track “Bitter” lifted from the EP is garnering even more attention because of receiving an update with vocal assistance from Houston Texas, singer-songwriter on-the-rise Trevor Daniel.

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The track is pretty no-holds-barred with its detailing of heartbreak and stings with raw emotion. We are not talking about feeling a tiny bit of bitterness towards an ex, more like a whole glass and a half full of sour, sharp truths.

The EP is based around FLETCHER’s break-up with YouTuber Shannon Beveridge, as such, the singers, promotion around the release has amplified with female same-sex representation. Explaining why Trevor Daniel has been enlisted as a collaborator on the updated version of “Bitter” the singer had this to say,

“Throughout the video, I wanted to explore the themes of masculine and feminine energy in terms of self-discovery.

Not going to lie. When you know the song was written by a woman about a woman, the jabs of resentment and awkward cat-calling give some real authentic, bitch energy and some. This is not felt with Trevor’s blokey aura. The dynamic change at least aesthetically doesn’t slap so hard. I DO like the new mix of the track and what Trevor’s vocals bring to it. Who said revenge is sweeter when served cold? In the case of this song, it is definitely better dished out, bitter.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iamtrevordaniel/
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