Meet twenty-two-year-old singer Nonô. She’s originally from Brazil but now resides in London and has just released her alluring, slow-burning debut single “Bite.” I know, it’s not uncommon during this summery point in the year for a latin-pop infusion to find it’s way over into Europe. But if you’re expecting something along the lines of the Lambada or The Ketchup song from this young lady, then I have to tell you it’s just not going to happen. She actually, moved to London seeking musical inspiration, so that’s what she is giving us on “Bite.” Cool pop sensibilities with just a small measure of Brazilian samba and funk carioca rhythms blended in.

Interestingly, the track was co-written by Victoria Alkin and Gustav Nystrom and recorded in Stockholm. Bearing these facts in mind, you could well say the piece is more multi-inspirational, above all else. The cool vibe of the debut spotlights Nonô’s lane as being substance over style, that’s very hard to pigeonhole. Thus if you’re looking for something different to the latest, trends and hype you may have well found a new favourite in the soothing, styling of Nonô’s lead track “Bite.”

However, the accompanying music video is completely all London alluring. It was shot by the talented electronic duo Temptress, in various locations around the city and shows the songstress chilling, while enjoying the downtown charm of the inner-city scape. It is a mood of visual aesthetics which have a glove-like fit to the charming slice of the satin-sheeted pop. The soulful, downbeat electronica showcases wisdom beyond, Nonô’s years. With this debut, she more than holds her own. There is a freshness & uniqueness to take her higher. She stands out among the crowd of newcomers, as one to watch.

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