ivy levan
Known for her sweet, blues/cabaret-styled tunes such as “Hot Damn” and “Hang Forever”, the newest pop queen Ivy Levan has gone through an appreciated reinvention this past year for her upcoming mainstream debut. Her anticipated album is set for release this April on Cherrytree/Interscope Records. You know, the same label that housed other kick-ass artists like Lady Gaga and Natalia Kills.

Levan is kicking off the project’s promotion by unleashing its official lead single, the aggressive, horn-driven, pop tune “Biscuit“. Along with a killer, classy look, catchy songs and an unique approach to pop, Levan sure can sing and has some soul in her impressive voice. That is what immediately sets her apart from the rest of the young, bubblegum pop crowd. On “Biscuit“, the edgy artist commands attention and gives us some insight as to how she has been inspired by her Southern roots. “I think you might have missed it, I think you got it twisted, when I told you to kiss it, my biscuit, my biscuit,” she sings on the explosive and suggestive chorus.

Levan appears to be the total package, an interesting mix of Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera and Porcelain Black influences, which work perfectly when thrown into a melting pot and stirred properly. The accompanying music video for the artist’s new single, filled to the brim with over-the-top fashion and featuring an adorable Biscuit Man, is fierce and silly, as Levan doesn’t seem to be afraid to play around. It’s her likable personality and ability to craft an infectious hook that draws listeners in.

Biscuit” is definitely a cute, club-ready, tongue-in-cheek track, ready to get anybody on their feet. It’s something different for the radio airwaves and deserves everybody’s undivided attention. The confident pop number is an enjoyable earworm, demanding to remain on repeat for hours. Ivy Levan is cooking up something delicious, so heed her warning and don’t f*** with her masterplan!