I sit and think to myself sometimes. How interesting it is that the lads of One Direction have each approached the music of their solo careers in vastly different styles. How today, neither any one of them remotely retrace the same signature pop sound of when they were together in the band. As a solo performer, 1D’s Louis Tomlinson broke away from the pop mould altogether. The 2020 debut album “Walls” was where he began to flex his artistic intent as an indie-pop leaning singer-songwriter. And where through the lockdowns of the pandemic. Louis worked on his follow-up album release tapping into a sound in a similar vein. In “Bigger Than Me,” the first single of the new album. He exudes yet more confidence and swagger than his previous effort.

How he speaks about the new album’s lead single leads me to believe Louis arrived at an epiphany moment while writing his upcoming body of work.

“I realised from doing live shows what it means to my fans and how everything I do is bigger than me. It’s almost a coming of age for myself and putting opinions about myself to the back of my mind and thinking about what it potentially means for other people.” he says of the track.

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It is only natural for songwriters to share their own perspectives on topics when penning lyrics. Because of his loyal fan support, Louis Tomlinson has recognised he has the power to do more with his songwriting than just centre themes around himself. Such as looking to the world around him to start a conversation. I feel this is what he has done with “Bigger Than Me.” Shifted the goal posts. Out of this new dynamic, an even more thoughtful Louis Tomlinson has emerged with a grandiose, spangly guitar pop track. A blaze with fire in its belly.

Has Louis gone all out for the video? In a word, no. Nor did he need to. Footage featuring Louis strolling through nature and admiring landscapes encapsulates what goes on in this song. The clip also brings to light he’s focused on carving out his pop career in one direction. (Pun intended). This being, on his own terms. Good for him. The emotional drive behind his music is felt in “Bigger Than Me” and also that he is creating a unique space in the musical landscape for himself.

The album ”Faith in the Future” is out November 11th via BMG PRE-Save HERE

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