Say Lou Lou 2

We see a pattern emerging from Miranda and Elektra of Say Lou Lou, the sisters who supremely pen, glacially mellow soundwaves which are then narrated by their astrally soaring vocal prowess. And it is this. These elegant sisters who drop their tunes with a sashay of willowy dreamwave refinement are all about dishing out a video interpretation that is cinematically daring and webbed in a sinister tone of intrigue, whilst being incredibly glamourous.

We met with it head-on through “Julian” earlier this year and now we are dealt another dose of story telling, tangled with illicit dealings from the femme fatales to coincide with the duel sided release of “Better In The Dark” / “Beloved”.

We know that Say Lou Lou sound the part to score a short list nomination on the BBC Sound of 2014 poll, but if the girls continue to ply us with these dark thriller style mini movies they’ll maybe find themselves lined up for some kind of European short film rosette or something.

Feel the glamour. Feel the chills and feel that maybe you should be on your guard and look out for your back if you ever happen to be in the same room as Say Lou Lou!