Candidate for video of the year coming through. And a much different look for the Ukrainian singer-songwriter Max Barskih. October 2020, saw Max release his very electro-dance album “1990.” Earlier during the year, he released the English spoken track “Silence” his first euro-house styled effort. He has been massively productive throughout the lockdowns and also had another project on the go with the acclaimed Russian singer Yulia Zivert. A much talked about, track, called “BESTSELLER” had been in the works for exactly one year. “More than six months were spent on the song, the rest of the time was taken by the work on the video.” A statement issued online confirms.

Judging by the number of posts teased about the release, Max has been very keen to share “BESTSELLER.” The song itself is very cinematic EDM in its styling and has a definite club, dance style and feel that sprung up during the 1990s. Although the Barskih x Zivert track is colossal in stature, the music video is a whole other level of epic.

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The Alan Badoev footage depicts Max and Zivert’s story of loneliness in the style of cyberpunk. “The modern world is rapidly losing tactility, people voluntarily digitize their feelings and emotions, exchanging them for likes and ratings on social networks. Hundreds of thousands of photographs today replace the touch and warmth of a kiss.” A statement about the release reads.

After a year of being encouraged to carry out our socializing by using online software, apps and tools. The message stemming from “BESTSELLER” is a more poignant one than ever. The digital world has its benefits but nothing can replace the experience of physical human interaction. These are one-of-a-kind emotions and cannot be replicated by even the newest advancements in A.I. A lesson that has really been driven home by the pandemic.

Alan, Max and Zivert made a very cool music video that really throws this situation under the spotlight.

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