Canada has a good, reputation for nurturing new music talents it has a thriving independent music scene and generally, is among the brightest of nations who bring to light, interesting discoveries and memorable artists. From, Dragonette to Allie X with hundreds of one time newcomers in between the Canadians have given us plenty to celebrate, support and talk, about over the years. Another, export to get excited about is the singer-songwriter, musician Ria Mae who has been successfully releasing music since 2009 and continues, to make a mark of notability for herself earning award nominations for songwriting and such. Ria’s most recent material is the EP “My Love“, where the out singer takes us on a journey from heartbreak to healing through a collection of emotionally relevant, catchy songs. A good, introduction to the EP is the track “Bend“.

The track actually, came out late summer and the EP, last month. So, we are not hugely, late to the party and being that it is very, good I wasn’t going to allow it to fly under the radar. “Bend” has an 80’s electronic pop sensibility both in the tracks musicality and the visual elements, it takes a little taster of Belinda Carlisle stylized girl power and places it with a video treatment that looks as though it came straight out of New Order’s creative book of visual thinking ideas.

As I previously mentioned, “Bend” is just, one example of Ria’s exemplary songwriting and musicianship, there are another five equally good tracks on the “My Love” EP to check out, the gorgeous and powerful “I’m on Fire” and “Broken“, a duet with Tegan and Sara’s Tegan Quinn. Both songs are highlights that I would urge you not to miss. So, when you’ve had your fill of turkey dinners and tea-time buffet tables over the festive period and before a food coma takes its toll, feed your ears some quality tunes, go to “My Love” by Ria Mae and our own, Poptronik playlists on Spotify.

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