Roosevelt has twice taken over our headspace with his effervescing, dance ready electronic pop tunes. And there is no letup in the full throttle of dizzying beats as Marius lands his next belter among us.

Plucked from the self-titled album, “Belong” basks in the notable heavy influence of the 80’s. Giving a nod to the early part of the decade. It sounds much as though it is plunging down a space and time continuum and entertaining a bit of a déjà vu moment with Visage’s “Fade To Grey” elementally seeping through, until it comes headfirst in contact with Roosevelt proudly wielding an electric guitar. Then it becomes magnified and even more majestic.

For the supporting video, Marius has chosen to step inside the album cover and give us a coherent sense of how the vibe translates in a live performance sense.

Engulfed in the glowing ambience created of blue backdrops, smoke machine’s and pink light filters, it makes for everything conjured up of the twilight hour. A sense of mystery and a shift into a phase of transition. A visual experience which is equally soothing to the eyes as the animated melody heaps on the pleasure factor whilst, surging its way through our veins as it reaches its end goal of exciting our audio senses in an spectacular, electromagnetic waveform of French styled, electrified synthiness.