Watch “Bellyache” by Billie Eilish

However much the count of emerging broody pop songstress goes up, I cannot ignore the fact that Billie Eilish really is a notable talent on-the-rise who definitely commands attention.

Billie is being looked upon by many as pop’s new wunderkid and to be truthful this is no false claim, as she’s one 15 year old who presents herself as being far more mature beyond her years. It seems to me Billie’s coming out of the box much as Lorde did and we all know what a sensation she created and still continues to create upon the music scene.

To be fair the charm of Lana Del Rey remains lost on me, which is kinda the vibe Billie went for on her debut release “Ocean Eyes”. That’s not to say it hasn’t proven popular with others, just for the most part I wanted to see more of what Billie was about before I rushed in and formed an opinion.

Anyways Billie’s recently turned in a track called “Bellyache” and whilst it is largely coming at us with a melancholy streak about it, there is something of a quirky charm within which leaps out and sucks you into the swell of its hypnotic groove. Let’s not beat around the facts here about “Bellyache”, it’s a song about doing wrong to the extreme of being of murderous. Even though the song is so dark as that, it manages to filter in aspects of guilt and remorse tinged into the lyrics. Although, if you watch the accompanying video where Billie is taunting her misdemeanours out on a stretch of desolate road, it’ s a sad sense of someone losing control that falls over us. There’s more than a spark of good in there too that lingers but clearly this person has had something happen to them that has sent them of the rails to this extent.

Back to Billie Eilish though, I am rather coming around to appreciating what a captivatingly creative artist she might become. The off-kilter character of this song “Bellyache” and the off-beat quirky video have sure enough whetted my appetite for more.