You need to drop whatever you are doing. This is a pop emergency. After spending a year writing bops for the likes of ZolitaSomebody I Once F*cked“, “Cry” for Clinton John and producing “F The World” (Acoustic) for Dorian Electra. Myylo is back with a new track, but not only this, he has dropped a music video as well. I have craved this day to happen for a long time.

BOOM! I expected his lyrical style to always revolve around guitar strummed ditties. It turns out he proves me wrong by doing something quite wild and unexpected on “Being Born Kinda Sucks“. There’s the usual whip-smart lyricism with a side order of comedy. But for definite, Mylylo sets off a firework or two when arriving with the bolder pop/rock stylizing on this track because of having a full-on existential crisis.

The reason why we have got a new song from Myylo means something, or might it be someone has him all bugged off again. So what is it that irks him? Mostly, he ruminates about religion, politics, basically, those in authority. Those who govern and set rules. I am kinda with Myylo on this, as he is clearly sick of knuckleheaded crazies as I am. Thus, he hits back at attempts to dull his shine.

“I don’t know Jesus Christ maybe it’s hard being alive. You’ve got to pay bills and rent, and one day your parents are dead. People say we’re ok, but we’re really not OK. I don’t know what the f*ck being born kinda sucks,” he concludes.

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In the music video, we meet, detective Myylo, Jesus Myylo, bitchy Myylo, and…well… Myylo, all played by the critically acclaimed and dead sexy actor Myylo (who is also your dad’s fave) – (his description!)

I don’t have much of an appreciation for rock music, but I have always been a fan of the Wheatus track “Teenage Dirtbag.” To be honest, I consider the song is more power-pop leaning than heavy, rock. Myylo’s “Being Born Kinda Sucks” does sound in some way spookily similar to the band’s debut single of 2000. In a funny twist, when my son overheard me playing “Being Born Kinda Sucks” he asked why I was listening to “All Star” by Smash Mouth?…. ha, ha. I really dig these vibes on Myylo, though. His conversational style of lyrics lends really well to this power-pop styling. I have always praised Myylo for his songwriting and lyricism as being his stand out talent. I craved more animation from him. He showed up, on “Being Born Kinda Sucks.” I for one, am a fan that he’s dared to stir things up a little.

When I hear this song, I just want to jump around and shout along with Myylo in his anthemic chorus, “BEING BORN KINDA SUCKS.” – Woohoo!

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