To coincide with the recent “Almost Human” EP release, a new video masterpiece from synth-pop mavens Monarchy has landed with us in representation of the mid-tempo electronic dance offering therein of “Beautiful Ones”.

As the musical duo see fit to up-hold their legendary enigmatic presence by dodging the camera, the directorial brains behind this current Monarchy artpiece, videographer Thomas Blanchard and photographer Maud Regnault send us out into a dreamlike state within the visual fx fixated content, fashioned of surreal undertones associated of billowing clouds and trees forming a naturalist canvas entwined of both human kind beauty and natural living earth aesthetics.

The otherworldliness that seeps from Monarchy’sBeautiful Ones” transcendental electronic pop melody seamlessly partners with the expressively utopian artistic vision on show, together forming a complete all round package of aesthetic elegance.