Erasure vocalist Andy Bell sure isn’t holding out on unleashing new music right now!

Only recently we featured a collaboration with Dave Audé and if that isn’t already riding high in the pop stakes right as of now, just shy of a month ago another collaborative effort came to light with the pop songwriting and production duo of Shelter.

Larger in scale, the team up with Shelter and their imprint “Ministry Of Pop” has produced a whole new album’s worth of material comprising of 8 tracks with the addition of 10 bonus remixes and has been launched titled as “iPop”.

Lead single release on this electro-dance spectacular project comes via the emotively outreaching synth arranged and delicately delivered dance pop gem “Beautiful”.

Dealing with the fragilities of life “Beautiful” acts as a timely reminder that we are each beautiful in our own way, and what could be better than the enchanting vocal tones of Andy Bell to get this message across to the listeners at large.

The video is quite a watch as well and although, I am going to silence myself into not letting out any of the plot within it, advise that you please do watch through right to the very end.

The “iPop” album is now available through iTunes

Along with the single “Beautiful