Autoheart 1

Warning this is NOT a love song! however, we certainly do love it!

Lock up your candy covered hearts as here comes Autoheart with a surprise of a new single “Beat The Love” all in time for Valentines Day, only they’re not really into it!

Seems the bands wry take on relationships that was depicted through last years debut album “Punch” has seeped through onto this track, (now billed as their anti-Valentines Day anthem as being released on February 14th) which incidentally the band wrote after the album was completed but has gone on to pull a crowd pleasing reaction as the finale to their set during the “Punch” tours.

So what is Autoheart’s notion of an anti-Valentines song then? Well no slushy balladry here, not even in the cynical sense, switch to a hip swaying, knee jerk of indie pop perky toe tapping and hand clapping movement. Yes Autoheart have once again successfully gone out on a limb to provide an alternatively whimsical outlook with regards to matters of the heart and have capitalised on the jaunty indie pop animated soundtrack of “Beat The Love” to set off all bodily limbs jangling and flailing with giddy abandonment.

Beat The Love” will also form part of “Punched” a visual collection of the promo’s spanning the “Punch” era, available March 17th.