Depending on how switched onto the world of entertainment you’ve been during recent times you may or may not be aware the fifth season of “Queer Eye” (USA) premiered on Netflix a short while ago. I must confess I haven’t checked out the stateside version yet, I do know something of the format as I tuned into the UK version of the show when it ran here some years back. In America, the series has been on TV screens longer than anywhere else in the world and still remains popular viewing. Like with any long with-standing entertainment programme, music and soundtracks also have a prominent part to play. Philadelphia native VINCINT knows this all too well, he’s recorded the track “Be Me” for the Emmy Award-winning series.

First used in the official trailer for the latest season of “Queer Eye.” Empowerment anthem “Be Me“, co-written and produced by the Fly by Midnight, now has an official music video, to call its, own. It made sense to support the release with a visual, which is both based upon the format and also pays homage to the TV series.

What a lovely shout-out but equally VINCINT should also take a bow. Happy to have his voice heard on EQ music blog today. Sometimes we need to hear a reassuring voice, “Be Me” is that, albeit rolled into a short, two and half minute pop song. I don’t know, how VINCINT and the Fly By Midnight boys did it. But they managed to get so much said in the briefest amount of time. Everyone involved with, this release has well-honed skills. Probably won’t be the one and only time you hear about VINCINT on this blog either.

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